Joseph Marinetti ha pubblicato il nuovo Mixtape Amusement Equals Apathy


Minghie che storia, Joseph Marinetti ha pubblicato un nuovo Mixtape di 10 trax pensate per farti raggiungere uno stato di coscienza maggiore e migliorare il tuo io , Amusement Equals Apathy che, invece ti mandano completamente fuori di cervello. La cosa bella è che te lo puoi scaricare gratis iscrivendoti alla sua newsletter.

I’ve been called different, obsessive, unusual… these are merely words the lazy use to describe the dedicated. I once read that a river cuts through rock, not because of its power but because of its persistence. This was the stream I chose, every microlitre of water, every chromosome in my body make the Great Marinetti River. I let inspiration feed the rivers thirst, drop by drop, through absorbing literature of great thinkers, physical conditioning and mental resilience. These elements built up until the banks of a once humble loch were burst, opening the powerful stream of my artistic passage. Picture with me for a second the Great Marinetti River, at the edge of this river stands an unsightly chunk of rock, newly fallen from the crags of a nearby mountain. As the powerful river stream rushes over it, they sculpt a human form much like Rodin’s Thinker, but more handsome. This figure is the New Me, and it can be the New You. The figure faces in the direction of the streams flow, forwards. Why? There’s no need in looking back, I’m not going that way. I’d like to invite you to join me on the shores of the Great Marinetti River and inhale a deep breathe, feel the lungs fill with inspiration, the sweet smell of success in your nostrils. Let the sculpted silhouette of the New Joseph Marinetti cast a shadow over your worries, think of it as a sundial, there to remind you what hour of the day it is — prosperity o’clock. Let it serve as knowledge that there will be haters, there will be doubters, there will be non believers, then there will be you, proving them wrong.

Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.


1. Meditation For Artist
2. Pleasure II Burn
3. Lighten Up 0
4. Amusement Equals Apathy
5. Success and Nothing Less
6. Pallasvuo
7. Paler Than White
8. 17K
9. Globoflexia
10. Universal Healing