Flume-Some Minds [video]


Le cose belle arrivano sempre quando non te le aspetti, come il nuovo brano di Flume Some Minds uscito fesco fresco in giornata.

Il pezzo, dove i magnifici beat prodotti dal produttore australiano vengono dolcemente cullati dalla splendida voce del cantante dei Miike Snow Andrew Wyatt, è accompagniato da un video diretto da Clemens Habicht dove vediamo Flume fluttuare e danzare all’ interno Opera House di Sideny.

I started the instrumental at my apartment in Sydney – first working with the drums and arrangement, then built chords around it, did some vocal bits as sketches before meeting up with Andrew Wyatt from Miike Snow in his studio in New York City. Andrew was writing things in his own head, singing ideas into his phone, I played the song over and over then after about an hour he jumped up and said ‘stop’ and launched into singing this amazing chorus melody. We recoded it then fleshed out the lyrics of the chorus and verses. I finished it off with the crazy ending further down the line, a few months later. I am pretty hard on myself when it comes to being satisfied with new material, I am always trying to push myself. ‘Some Minds’ is a song, not a track which is what I was trying to achieve with this one.