Jamie XX Feat Young Thug-I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)


Con Jamie XX non si sbaglia un cazzo, tu lo sai. A meno di un mese dall ‘uscita del suo album  di debutto In Colours il produttore londinese  ha rilasciato un nuvo brano megapresobene I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)  in cui le rime di Yung Thug si sposano  perfettamente con i sample soul eai ritmi caraibici del pezzo nella cui album version ,oltre al rapper di Atlanta sarà presente anche Popcan

I was living in New York for a couple months and I was doing a drive to Manhattan while I was listening to Hot 97. It was the perfect setting and it made me want to make the track like that. I just think [Young Thug] is the best at the moment, him and Popcaan. I sent the song to other people who did versions, but [Thug and Popcaan’s] version fit best on the record… Young Thug has such a weird style I love, especially the things he does with his voice. It just sounds different. I like that Popcaan is so young and he comes from a different place, but they complement each other very well… Young Thug did a whole version of the song and Popcaan did a whole version of the song. I ended up splicing it together for the final version.