Turbo Tape Presents-All You Can Beat Vol.3


La Turbo Tape Recordings celebra il primo anno di atttività attraverso una super compila All You Can Beat Vol.3, con cui ti fa fare una scorpacciata di beat belli corposi e sostanziosi prodotti da alcuni dei migliori beatmaker internazionali in circolazione  tra i cuali sono inclusi Hellomynameisra,Odeeno ,Grindal ,Grillo  i Dusty  不明 FUMEI


We’ve worked a lot this year, along side some of the greatest artists into the scene, cultivating a strong bond of friendship with most of them.

After one year of cooperation, we’re proud to announce a new compilation, third instalment of the ” All You Can Beat ” series.

We had the honor to built up a strong tracklist with a lot of talented producers, hoping to work with all of them again in the future.